Serving all your wildlife needs.

I’m Brian Richardson, owner/operator of Nittany Valley Varmints. We handle all sorts of wildlife issues across Centre County for both individuals and businesses.

We specialize in: Skunks-Raccoons-Groundhogs-Bats-Squirrels-Snakes-Flying Squirrels-Opossums-Birds

We are NOT your “stereotypical” wildlife control company! We pride ourselves on live catch and relocation of as many animals as we possibly can. We do our absolute best to find them an amazing habitat where they can prosper for years to come.

After we locate and remove all of the “varmints” we can also repair the damage they may have caused. We are the last call you need to make to get things taken care of.

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The best wildlife control in Centre County.



Nittany Valley Varmints have lots of experience in getting rid of critters, including bats, and their costs are reasonable. Years ago, I paid over $3k to get rid of bats. This year, only a few hundred for squirrels in my attic. I can’t say enough positive things about them.
— Avis K, Park Forest Village
Brian was extremely responsive, professional and easy to work with. He checked his traps faithfully every day. He found openings I didn’t know existed on my roof, sealed them, and we haven’t seen or heard a flying squirrel since.
— Christopher C, State College
I had numerous woodchucks under my shed, Nittany Valley Varmints trapped all of them alive and took them to a safe location. Then they repaired all the damage and made it so nothing can get back in! Very professional and the whole job was done in 3 days.
— Denise A., State College